Spending Report December 2012 #4

Thankfully not too much spending to report this week……

I bought a few groceries on Monday, which took my December grocery spending to £262.21. Over budget for the month (mainly due to stockpiling coffee), but not too bad considering the extra family I’ve been feeding over the holiday period.


I then went shopping today……which will be included in January’s budget as I’ve already closed down December ;)


I bought mainly fruit, veggies, chicken and cake :)

Spent: £26.63

 Annual grocery goal: £288.84 // £2,000 (December to November inc) 


And finally added to my Sealed Pot this week:

  • £2.37 – From my purse
  • £6.00 – From winning gift lottery scratch cards


PS. One more day until the start of the New Year (and the start of Carla’s No/Low Spend Challenge). I can’t wait. I need to get my frugal head on and really focus on attacking that mortgage!

10 thoughts on “Spending Report December 2012 #4

  1. I have just started a no spend month. I was going to start in January but with a house full of Christmas leftovers it made sense to just start. I have $117.00 to keep us going until the end of January. My goal for the month is to raise the minimum balance in my chequing account to $1,000.00 to eliminate banking fees.

    Good luck and I will be checking back to see how you are fairing. I found your blog on Wisebread.

    1. Hi Jane and thanks for stopping by :)

      January is probably the best month to do any challenge – good luck! I’ll check out your site to see how you’re doing :)

  2. after havung all the rich food over the holidays I am ready for more lighter meals. Looking forward to Caela’s challenge as well.


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