23. 12. 2012

Keeping a record of our spending (good or bad!), s a habit –  for daily recording I use an app on my phone, and every week (usually on a Sunday when I write this post), I transfer the figures to an excel spreadsheet. It only takes a few minutes, but knowing where all our money goes (or hopefully stays!) is the key to managing our budget.

Spending this week:

Brooklyn Bridge

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Money in this week:


As you can see lots of spending this week. We booked a trip to New York in April and the airport parking/hotel for the night before – early flight out of Heathrow on a Tuesday and didn’t want to risk the traffic. Both expenses were booked through a cash back site (3.5% & 10%), so we’ll be getting a bit of the money back (£76.31), in a few weeks.

A little money back in this week:


No spend days this week – 3

2 Responses to “Spending Report December 2012 #3”

  1. NYC for April is exciting – what months have you been there before?