Our Financial Goals for 2013

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I love the start of a New Year and the promise it brings. Even at low points of my life (and there’s been a few!), January 1st always seemed to give me a motivational kick.

Here we go then 2013……..I’m ready!

Five Financial Goals for 2013:

1Reduce our mortgage debt by at least £25,000. This is our main goal for 2013 and one that we plan to attack for nine months (March – November inc.)

2. Save at least £4,500 for travel. We hope to take at least three trips in 2013, but only if we can save this money

3. Increase our cash savings by at least £2,200. The start of a deposit for a potential house purchase ;)

4. Make at least £2,500 over and above our regular income. Extra money earned to pay for further house repairs.

5. Spend no more than £2,000 on groceries. This will be an ongoing challenge throughout the year but I’m hoping a fully functioning stockpile will help!

Are you ready for 2013?

12 thoughts on “Our Financial Goals for 2013

  1. I’ve been slowly working on our budget for next year too but it’s a long process. I know for sure that we want to save for a vacation and boost a car repair fund.

  2. I’ve been working on my 2013 budget for several weeks now. My main goal is to beef up and finally complete my 8 mos. emergency account. I’m just not sure what the new paycheck amounts will be ….Congress just can’t seem to agree on the tax rates..Arrrgghhh!

    1. You’re far more organised than I was in my twenties Janine…I’m organised now because I don’t work as much as I used too :)

      NY and Vienna…..although it might be Lucerne – can’t make my mind up!

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