Our Financial Goals for 2013

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I love the start of a New Year and the promise it brings. Even at low points of my life (and there’s been a few!), January 1st always seemed to give me a motivational kick.

Here we go then 2013……..I’m ready!

Five Financial Goals for 2013:

1Reduce our mortgage debt by at least £25,000. This is our main goal for 2013 and one that we plan to attack for nine months (March – November inc.)

2. Save at least £4,500 for travel. We hope to take at least three trips in 2013, but only if we can save this money

3. Increase our cash savings by at least £2,200. The start of a deposit for a potential house purchase ;)

4. Make at least £2,500 over and above our regular income. Extra money earned to pay for further house repairs.

5. Spend no more than £2,000 on groceries. This will be an ongoing challenge throughout the year but I’m hoping a fully functioning stockpile will help!

Are you ready for 2013?
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12 Responses to Our Financial Goals for 2013

  1. Lena says:

    I’ve been slowly working on our budget for next year too but it’s a long process. I know for sure that we want to save for a vacation and boost a car repair fund.

  2. Sharon says:

    I’ve been working on my 2013 budget for several weeks now. My main goal is to beef up and finally complete my 8 mos. emergency account. I’m just not sure what the new paycheck amounts will be ….Congress just can’t seem to agree on the tax rates..Arrrgghhh!

  3. *le sigh* you are so much more organized than I am…. where are you hoping to travel…..

  4. Jamie Dickinson says:

    Best of luck! My goal of ‘Keep being awesome’ may need to be expanded upon!

  5. Great goals!! I’m especially envious of your grocery goal.

  6. Have 5 financial goals sorted out now. Thanks for the push to get these sorted.

    Sft x

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