My Goals: January No/Low Spend and De-cluttering Challenge

Hello! I hope you all had a peaceful and safe Christmas Day. We did the usual, ate and drank far too much, but it was lovely anyway. Thank you for your kind wishes for my Dad. He’s home from the hospital and doing well thankfully.

Okay. January is around the corner and to me it seems like a perfect month to do a challenge……and luckily Carla started one: The January De-Cluttering & No/Low Spend Challenge.

No/Low Spend Challenge


We have two main areas of clutter in our house: an old style box room and my daughters bedroom. The box room is used as a dumping ground and despite me de-cluttering it back in September, it looks like this again!

Box room

My de-cluttering goal for January is to clear the box room. I’ve kept quite a bit of stuff in there for when my youngest daughter sets up a home, and/or to donate, and next month it’s happening (sniff): My ‘baby’ is moving into a flat with her boyfriend. Concentrating on the challenge, and not thinking about my empty nest sounds like a plan! :) Anything not passed on will be donated. I also hope to have a de-cluttered spare bedroom…which I can then decorate in February.


For the finance part of the challenge my goal will be: No Personal Spending. At all. No books, no coffee’s, no exceptions. I will only ‘spend’ on budgeted expenses. We don’t have any birthdays coming up, or any outings planned (I hibernate in January), so it’s a great month to do it. I will be spending some money helping K out with her move, but that will be in the budget.

As always thank you to the lovely Carla for starting the challenge, and if you’re joining in: good luck!


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15 thoughts on “My Goals: January No/Low Spend and De-cluttering Challenge

  1. Isn’t it amazing how these darn rooms just clutter themselves all up???? Great goals for January, all the best with them :)
    Judy xx

  2. Great goals, Laura! I feel your pain about closets.. lol! After we declutter and area it’s hard to keep it up sometimes! Good luck with your challenges!!

    1. Thank you! I’m not sure if I can avoid temptation for the whole month lol, but I’ll try! Good luck with the challenge :)

  3. I feel for you with your ‘baby’ moving out! I hope there’s lots of goodies in the box room to help her settle into the new place!

    Glad to hear your Dad is doing well, too.

    1. Thanks Fiona! I can’t remember what’s even in there lol so it’ll probably be Ikea here we come…I’m going to allocate a little money in the budget to help here with kitchen items. The hard thing will be avoiding buying myself anything while I’m there!

  4. I’m so plesed to hear that your Dad’s doing well.

    Good luck with the de-cluttering, at least you’ve been accumulating useful stuff that will mostly be going to an excellent home.

    We’re busy sorting out here too, while LH is off work he clearing out his drawers and cupboards, then hopefully he’ll be starting on the filing cabinets!!

    Sue xx

  5. So glad to hear your Dad is back home :) And your baby leaving home? I still have at least 10 years before that happens, but it already makes me sad! I remember my Mum putting together a big washing basket (cos I needed one of those too!) filled with tea towels, kitchen cloths, and other useful kitchen things when I left home, and I can tell you it was very much appreciated!
    I think I will be joining in on the decluttering, it’s time to tackle the garage and sleep-out! It is our summer holidays after all :) And that is why I won’t be doing the no-spend month, it’s summer holidays! But February would be a good month for that – once school goes back :) And the only birthdays in February are on the 1st and 2nd, so I will make sure to buy those in January (when my family has 3 birthdays! Most of ours are crammed in between Jan and April!)
    All the best for your daughter’s move :)

    1. Thanks Clare! I keep forgetting it’s summer down there, so I totally understand you waiting on the de-clutter and no spend.

  6. Good luck with your goals! I am constantly fighting clutter too, now having a much smaller house it helps, there is no room for it!

  7. Sounds like January will be an interesting month. Have you considering creating a useful space out of your box room? Like a mini office or reading nook? When I give spaces a purpose, it makes it more difficult to revert to dumping ground behavior. Good luck Laura. :-)

    1. Thanks Jen! The room is so narrow I’m not sure it would work – we don’t have a garage (or use the loft) so in a way it’s the only place we can store anything.

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