Menu Planning (December #2)

On our menu this week….

MONDAY// Hot Chicken Baguettes & Stuffing
TUESDAY// Sweet Chili Noodles with Sausages
WEDNESDAY// Chili & Rice (from the freezer)
THURSDAY// Chicken Fajitas
FRIDAY// Grilled Salmon with Veggies
SATURDAY// BLT’s and Wedges
SUNDAY// Beef Casserole & Veggies

For further menu planning ideas please visit I’m an Organizing Junkie

Monday is fast becoming a ‘sandwich for dinner day’. Due to work schedules we eat about eight o’clock and having something that’s easy to make works well for us!


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4 Responses to Menu Planning (December #2)

  1. Oooh, what’s in a hot chicken baguette? I’m intrigued. . .

  2. Savvy Scot says:

    Sweet Chilli Noodles with sausages! What an interesting combination!

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