Grocery Spending December 2012 #3

I may (finally) be done with grocery shopping for a few days! I’m really out of the habit of feeding 4/5 people (or even 6 if my daughters boyfriend is visiting), and I’d forgotten how much food we can get through! Anyway. The cupboards are stocked, and we should only need milk between now and New Years Eve….okay that may be a bit speculative, but I’m gonna try!! ;)


Grocery December #3
Holiday treat groceries ^

Over the course of the last few days I’ve spent £90.42 (and used up £12.50 of supermarket points)

Total grocery spending for December (with 10 days to go) is £196.48 + £48.00 (coffee stockpile)



So I’ve spent over 10% of my 2013 grocery budget in the first month of the challenge! Oops! I suppose December was always going to be the most expensive month though, and I should WILL be able to rein it back in during a low spend (grocery)/no spend (everything else) January…..I’m hoping so anyway!

How’s your grocery budget looking this month? Are you finding it hard to stick to budget, or doing really well?


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11 thoughts on “Grocery Spending December 2012 #3

  1. We’ve been doing really well for December with the groceries! Slightly under budget! But that was at the beginning of the week before we got hit by a vile tummy bug! :(
    While I have sent my hubby out to the supermarket on various emergency runs (mostly for crackers!) I still think we will come in under budget because I don’t see us having a normal grocery spend for the rest of December! Or normal meals! At least this ghastly bug will save me some money on groceries!!

  2. December is always an expensive month for everyone. I too cashed in my credit card points this week to save on the food bill. Just got a couple of things to pick up on the weekend and then I am done also.

    You will come in under budget I am sure of that.


  3. We’re doing well on groceries this month because we have soo much in the house! This is a good thing though as we’ve had unexpected expenses and have been able to use what we would have spent on groceries instead of digging into our EF.

    1. With my ‘new’ stockpile I’m sure hubby and I could make the food we have in the house last for weeks….it’s a different matter when the kids are at home! I don’t know how you do it Carla!

  4. We have relatives staying too Laura and we’re over budget, but all part of the season! Have to get the stockpiling happening next year – it seems to make a big difference!

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