Grocery Spending December 2012 #2

Our goal for 2013 is to keep our grocery spending below £2,000. Grocery buying can make or break a budget and I know if I stopped managing it, I could easily spend at least twice as much as I do.


It was a strange shop this week, part stockpiling, part Christmas food, part weekly needs.

Regular grocery
Satsumas £2.40
Bread £2.14
Apples £1.80
5kg Potatoes £3.00!
Chicken £6.00
Tea Bags £2.00
Popcorn £0.55
Sour Cream £0.60
Coffee x 12 £48.00 (Reduced to £4.00 from £6.58)
Christmas & Christmas Party*
Shloer x 2 £2.08
Doritos x 2 £1.98
Mince Pies x 2 £2.00
Swiss Roll £0.60
Cream £1.10
After Eight Mints Free (with a voucher)

*Hubby has his Portuguese class Christmas party tonight and is taking along a few snacks.

**I’m allocating myself an extra £100 out of the budget this month to build my stockpile…..the coffee offer was too good to miss!


8 thoughts on “Grocery Spending December 2012 #2

  1. Yes, I agree you’ve done brilliantly with your coffee!

    We really need to get back ‘on the horse’ so to speak. We’ve had 2 months ‘off’ financial goals etc but now is the time to make plans.
    Giving ourselves an annual total for Grocery spending is an excellent idea. If we have £80 per month plus £20 for any stockpiling, our annual budget will be £1200. We will start on 26th December! Thanks for the inspiration Laura!

    Sft x

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