13. 12. 2012

Our goal for 2013 is to keep our grocery spending below £2,000. Grocery buying can make or break a budget and I know if I stopped managing it, I could easily spend at least twice as much as I do.


It was a strange shop this week, part stockpiling, part Christmas food, part weekly needs.

Regular grocery
Satsumas £2.40
Bread £2.14
Apples £1.80
5kg Potatoes £3.00!
Chicken £6.00
Tea Bags £2.00
Popcorn £0.55
Sour Cream £0.60
Coffee x 12 £48.00 (Reduced to £4.00 from £6.58)
Christmas & Christmas Party*
Shloer x 2 £2.08
Doritos x 2 £1.98
Mince Pies x 2 £2.00
Swiss Roll £0.60
Cream £1.10
After Eight Mints Free (with a voucher)

*Hubby has his Portuguese class Christmas party tonight and is taking along a few snacks.

**I’m allocating myself an extra £100 out of the budget this month to build my stockpile…..the coffee offer was too good to miss!



In 2014 my husband & I downsized our home to speed up our quest for Financial Freedom. We swapped our large three bed house, for a small two bed apartment to clear our mortgage and give us enough budget freedom to travel and still save for the future. Our dream, after achieving Financial Freedom, is to spend part of every year living abroad.

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8 Responses to “Grocery Spending December 2012 #2”

  1. Sue says:

    A brilliant buy with the coffee.

    Sue xx

  2. Yeah for a deal on coffee! It’s one of our vices (along with wine) & neither are EVER on sale. If I saw it, I would seriously stock up. :-)

  3. Yes, I agree you’ve done brilliantly with your coffee!

    We really need to get back ‘on the horse’ so to speak. We’ve had 2 months ‘off’ financial goals etc but now is the time to make plans.
    Giving ourselves an annual total for Grocery spending is an excellent idea. If we have £80 per month plus £20 for any stockpiling, our annual budget will be £1200. We will start on 26th December! Thanks for the inspiration Laura!

    Sft x

  4. Savvy Scot says:

    That sure is a LOT of coffee! Looks like a good deal though

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