28. 12. 2012

How we did compared to budget in December:

December Budget Round - Up

Financial Goals:

1. Stay within grocery budget (£200). Fail (ish) although I nearly made it. At least £48 of the grocery spending was on coffee (for our stockpile), so I only went over budget by about £14. At this time of the year I’m happy with that :)

2. Increase income by at least £100. Yes. We gained an extra £218.17 in December


We also very gratefully received a bonus from hubby’s company. It was a total surprise and will enable us to finish all of the work on our house in 2013. We’re saving a percentage of it as they’re as likely to let him go as reward him next year!

Personal Spending:


January WILL be a lot less spendy……..I hope!

How did you do to budget in December?


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3 Responses to “BUDGET ROUND-UP: DECEMBER 2012”

  1. savingfortravel says:

    You did really well with your budget Laura. I haven’t really kept to a budget in the last 2 months.

    But now i’m technically in January (my months go from 26th to 26th) I am back on track.

    Great news about your hubby’s bonus.

    Sft x

  2. I way overspent on our grocery budget. I blame Christmas for that. Congrats on the increase in income.