Spending Report November 2012 #4

No spend day

£4.27 Grocery
£45.03 Gifts
£110.96 Clothes
£8.00 Wine ;)

No spend day

£41.26 Grocery

£9.00 Window Cleaner

No spend day

No spend day

This years Christmas shopping is nearly finished – just a few bits to get next week – but I’m already thinking about next year.  I want to be far more prepared (and spend a lot less if I can).


2 thoughts on “Spending Report November 2012 #4

  1. I have nearly finished all my Christmas shopping too. I have 3 to go. It is the most organised i have ever been and I am loving that I won’t have to go to the shops when they are at their busiest. That said, I didn’t get my overseas post away before the cut-off for economy (that’s today) but in my defense, I was sick last week and my son is sick this week, so I’m being kind to myself and planning for next years overseas post to be done by mid-November. And I am so going to start tracking my spending on a day by day basis. Can’t wait to have a no-spend day!

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