No spend day

No spend day

£5.00 Lottery
£42.11 Grocery 
£13.00 Brita Water Filters x 2

No spend day 

No spend day

£2.40 Grocery 
£5.49 Grocery
£25.44 Eating Out (with family)

No spend day

Five no spend days – not a bad week!

Next week I’m in London for a couple of days and will need to keep a tight grip on my spending……although I am hoping to get a lot of my Christmas gifts – everything else I’m buying online :)


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2 Responses to SPENDING REPORT NOVEMBER 2012 #2

  1. Trip to London: wish I could join you :)

  2. I think I’ll do more of my shopping on line this year – I feel I have more control this way.

    Good luck with the spending in London :)

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