Okay here we go with our first budget of 2013 (You can find a refresher on how we budget here).


We haven’t finished setting all our 2013 financial goals, but have decided that we want to do all our travel and gift saving in the first three months…….then really hit the mortgage over the other nine.

Our mortgage debt will be at £84,950 after the payment on the 1st (December), and our goal is £60,000 by the same payment next year. It’s a big goal, but something we’re both committed to.


  • Stay within £200 grocery budget
  • Increase income by at least £100
Have you planned your budget for December yet?
PS. I’m already planning a No Spend January – would you like to join me?


19 thoughts on “OUR BUDGET: DECEMBER 2012

  1. Looks great! I think some of the things we budget for each fortnight and each quarter (we have a slightly more complicated system due to irregular income and contract work on top on my husband’s salary) are covered in your personal expenses and groceries? I have categories for Doctor and pharmacy (can you tell I have young kids!!!), personal care, food, cleaning supplies, petrol…and things like clothes and haircuts have to come out of our quarterly ‘irregular income’ budget. I look forward to having a more streamlined system like yours again one day!

  2. Sounds like a great idea to get those big goals (apart from the mortgage of course!) out of the way early in the year. I can’t see me doing a no spend January (I will be on holidays for part of the month and while we are planning a stay-cation I know I will still be spending!) but I will plan to stick to my budget and keep spending (apart from holiday spends) as low as possible! Cheers Judy xx

  3. Do all British residents pay the television tax, even if you don’t own a TV? As an American, I found your budget items interesting. Similar budget items exist regardless of which side of the ‘pond’ you live on. :)

  4. I just started working on my budget and goals for next year. I’d like to try the no spending January, but think I might need to start a little smaller (no spending on weekdays, or something like that) and then work my way up to a no spend month :-)

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