Grocery Spending November 2012 #4

I’m done with grocery spending in November, so this is my final round up. How did I do?

Well I had a budget of £200 and spent……..£214.23!! Oops! But when you think of all the stockpiling that’s been going on around here, I’m happy. This month has proved to me that we can lower our grocery spending and still eat the things we like.

Here’s what I added to our (stockpile) cupboards last week:

Mayo £1.39 x 3
Soup £0.50 x 8
Pasta Sauce £0.99 x 8

I’m sticking with a £200 budget for December – my son will be home from uni for 3 weeks (ish) and I have a couple of family meals to host – but will try to go a little lower in January.

How did you do with your grocery spending in November? Did you stay in budget?

Back tomorrow with December’s budget – our first for 2013?! Yikes! :)


3 thoughts on “Grocery Spending November 2012 #4

  1. We get paid fortnightly and our new fortnight starts today. We eat tons of fresh produce so I tend to go to the fruit & veg store several times a week, but today when I popped in I altered my menu plan when I noticed that Broccoli was on sale and way cheaper than the lettuce I was going to buy :) Little steps lead to big savings I say! (here’s hoping!!)

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