Grocery Spending November 2012 #3

I had a grocery home delivery this week – an online voucher for £5 covered the cost of delivery, so it was worth it to save me having to carry this lot!

Small stockpile
Curry Paste £1.00 x 6
Noodles £1.00 x 2
Shampoo, Nachos and Salsa all on 3 for 2
Loo Rolls £1.99 x 3
Mandarins 40p x 4

Grocery spend for November: £172.97. Despite all this stockpiling, with a little careful planning I can stay within my £200 budget.

*I used a few more advantage points today to pick up 6 more ‘free’ shower gels – we should have enough to last us all of 2013 now :)

5 thoughts on “Grocery Spending November 2012 #3

  1. Hi Laura :) I have spent my day putting my accounts back on Quicken. I tried doing them manually but was terrified of missing something, so I have gone back to downloading transactions from the bank and categorizing them in Quicken. Much easier. And transparent! That is how I know I overspent by $160(NZ) last fortnight!!! That was just on food as I split my supermarket spend into food, cleaning & supplies and personal care. Couldn’t believe it!!! This fortnight I’m watching exactly how much I spend :)Your site is inspiring me already :)

  2. I bought groceries in Hawaii last week, & the prices nearly blew my socks off. The price of food overall was CRAZY expensive. I loved, loved, loved it there, but I’m not sad to be back & paying mainland prices again.

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