House Projects: Bathroom Update

Last week I tackled a bedroom, this week the bathroom. Way too much money was spent on the bedroom, so the bathroom only got a lick of paint (already had), a deep clean and a £5 orchid….to add a little glamour!

(minimalist bathroom!)


Are you planning any frugal house projects?

PS. If you’re interested in seeing more of casa No More Spending I’ve put a House Tour up over on my other blog :)

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5 thoughts on “House Projects: Bathroom Update

  1. It’s all looking very good (I popped over to your other Blog for a nosey). And you can’t beat a £5 bathrooom renovation :-)

    We have no frugal house projects in the near future, we’re just living very simply and frugally so we can actually buy one!!

    Sue xx

  2. Lovely calm space. I’m planning to paint our hall soon (only done the lounge/office so far). Painting is the cheapest way to makeover a space and you have to declutter the area first, so it looks tidier too :)

  3. This is looking great! Since quitting my job, I’ve found that I have so much more time to think. I’m finding areas and processes in my life that don’t make much sense. My house was untidy, not as clean as it should be and things were just generally in inefficient places, meaning that things were taking longer or ended up being much more of a pain than they should be. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks acquiring some new furniture, cleaning, tidying, decorating and doing some odd jobs. My mind is free now and there’s a better atmosphere in the house now that my girlfriend and house mate feel like they’ve living in a new environment. So yeah, frugal house projects…I can’t recommend them enough! Frugal tips…You can fix parquet flooring with PVA glue! You can aqcuire super cheap furniture, fittings etc. at discount/clearance warehouses.

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