Rome Spending Round Up

We’re back! I’m totally worn out, and very happy to be working tomorrow instead of today, but here is a quick round up of our spending for the last few days. I’ll do a more comprehensive round up, with lots more pictures, on move to Portugal later in the week.

Costs all in Euros:

    • 153.00 Meals out and tips
    • 23.00 Drinks out
    • 10.37 Water and treats for hotel
    • 18.00 Hotel tax
    • 8.00 Medicine (hubby was ill)
    • 6.00 Subway
    • 14.00 Airport Bus
    • 80.00 Taxis!
    • 24.00 Collosseum
    • 30.00 Vatican Museum
Total: 366.37
Let me start by saying that Rome is not cheap. As expected drinks and food around the major attractions were very expensive, but when you’re extremely hot you’ll pay anything for a drink! Taxis are also very expensive. We landed after midnight and took one to our hotel (we would normally have taken a bus, but I didn’t fancy that in a new to me city that late at night). We did take the airline bus (Alitalia) to the airport which costs 7 euros per person if you’re flying with them. Very reasonable. We also took a taxi back to our hotel yesterday as hubby was feeling really ill…he’s never ill but we only had a few hours left and wanted to visit the Vatican/St Peters before returning home. (Vatican Museum amazing, but so so busy).
We spent a lot on food but you could eat quite cheaply if you wanted to. Margerita pizza’s, which you could share, were generally about 8 euros, and a litre of water about 3.50.
Back with more later!

7 thoughts on “Rome Spending Round Up

  1. I can’t wait to see your photos and trip recap from Rome! Will keep your spending totals in mind, since we are headed there next month.

  2. I always look at a site called “” when visiting a big city because they very often have a free downloadable guide with suggestions for “cheap eats”. Anywhere they’ve suggested has been great.

    I travelled through Italy a few years ago and found as I went along, that in restaurants, anything they bring to the table is added on to your bill (such as extra bread or starters that you didn’t order). You can just tell them you don’t need it if you don’t want to have it. Also, it was cheaper to sit indoors than outdoors, or drink a coffee and eat a pastry standing at the bar, for example.

    I guess this is too late for you, BUT, if you threw a penny into the Trevi fountain… then it will mean you will return to the “Eternal City” ;-)

    1. Thanks for the tips! I didn’t do enough planning before our trip – I kept putting it off and suddenly I was out of time. Not to worry we didn’t find the food too expensive – pizza seemed a very reasonble price for a major city.

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