02. 04. 2012

On my menu this week:


For further menu planning ideas please visit I’m an Organizing Junkie

I’m trying to keep the shopping to a minimum this week, so most of our food will be from the freezer.  I do have a voucher for ‘£5 off a £40 shop’ (which I need to use up before Sunday), so I will be spending that – I think I’m going to use it to restock our cupboards with tins, toothpaste etc.

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6 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday (Freezer week)”

  1. Lena says:

    Nice! I really need to have a freezer week too. Maybe, next week!

  2. Maureen says:

    Now that I am dieting ( overweight )and Hubby needs to eat low fat meals ( heart condition ) and MIL needs to eat low sugar ( diabetic ) trying to find a balanced menu plan which we can all eat is getting harder and harder and more and more expensive. However it is also more of a neccessity now or I would be so disorganised and my Grocery bill would end up being sky high.
    Thank goodness for Google…..

  3. vdubman says:

    where did you get the meal planner weekley list? (the one shown in the photo) Looks pretty good!