02. 04. 2012

On my menu this week:


For further menu planning ideas please visit I’m an Organizing Junkie

I’m trying to keep the shopping to a minimum this week, so most of our food will be from the freezer.  I do have a voucher for ‘£5 off a £40 shop’ (which I need to use up before Sunday), so I will be spending that – I think I’m going to use it to restock our cupboards with tins, toothpaste etc.

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In 2014 my husband & I downsized our home to speed up our quest for Financial Freedom. We swapped our large three bed house, for a small two bed apartment to clear our mortgage and give us enough budget freedom to travel and still save for the future. Our dream, after achieving Financial Freedom, is to spend part of every year living abroad.

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6 Responses to “Menu Plan Monday (Freezer week)”

  1. Lena says:

    Nice! I really need to have a freezer week too. Maybe, next week!

  2. Maureen says:

    Now that I am dieting ( overweight )and Hubby needs to eat low fat meals ( heart condition ) and MIL needs to eat low sugar ( diabetic ) trying to find a balanced menu plan which we can all eat is getting harder and harder and more and more expensive. However it is also more of a neccessity now or I would be so disorganised and my Grocery bill would end up being sky high.
    Thank goodness for Google…..

  3. vdubman says:

    where did you get the meal planner weekley list? (the one shown in the photo) Looks pretty good!