Menu Plan Monday (Empty Freezer Edition)

I admit this weeks menu plan post is a little on the hop. I haven’t even thought about our meals past today – we’re having pasta bolognese and garlic bread – because I want need to defrost the freezer while it’s so empty….at the moment I can hardly close the top drawer!

Here’s what we have that needs using up……and what will form the basis of our meals this week:

Salmon pieces x 2
Chicken breasts x 2
1 portion of chilli
4 mini naan breads
8 bread rolls
1 garlic baguette
Hash Browns
1 bag potato wedges

I’ll be back!

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8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday (Empty Freezer Edition)

  1. Our fridge is pretty packed, we need to start eating all of it before I go shopping next.

  2. Plenty there for you to choose from, looks like your food bill will be really low this week…

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