Weekly Spending Report: March 2012 #3

£2.01 Postage (sold a book)
£90.00 Gifts x 4

£16.84 Grocery
£16.49 Iron

£10.15 Books
£0.50 Chocolate bar!

No spend day

No spend day

No spend day

No spend day

Extra expenses this week:

  • Mothers day and family birthdays x 3
  • A new iron – ours stopped working!
  • Books from Amazon x 3 (for my holiday)

Four no spend days – which I’m very happy about. March is a busy birthday month for us, so the gift account took a hit, and I needed to buy a new iron. Ours developed a burning smell, and so for safety’s sake I bought a new one.

Of my £80 personal spending allowance I’ve spent £49.17 – hopefully I’ll be able to keep within this budget as I might need a little extra for the grocery this month and I don’t want to decrease any of our savings amounts.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Spending Report: March 2012 #3

  1. Oh, Happy Mothers Day!!! I forgot you guys had it so early! Hope you have a wonderful day! Great job on all the no-spends!!

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