Wednesday Miscellany and Another Year Older

Hello! I’m playing catch up this month because despite downsizing my job a couple of years ago and simplifying so many things in my life, occasionally everything still goes a little mad. Anyway.

First up my menu for this week, which I forget to post on Monday for the first time in like forever!

Menu Plan:
Monday: Shepherds Pie & Veggies
Tuesday: Out for the day
Wednesday: Pasta Bake & Salad
Thursday: Chilli & Rice
Friday: Spiced Chicken with Home Made Wedges
Saturday: ?? Freezer surprise :)
Sunday: Sausages, Mash and Onion Gravy

I’m still within grocery budget for February (just) and hopefully can stay within it over the next seven days!

Yesterday was my birthday and I went to London to have lunch with my eldest daughter and for a mooch around. I had a wonderful day and managed to spend all of my birthday gift money on some much needed sleepwear. I met up with hubby later on, who treated me to the most non frugal handbag in the world and dinner……..I feel very fortunate.

Okay that’s it for today. I need to catch up on all my blog reading and prepare the dinner before I go back into work for a couple of hours.

Have a great rest of the day :)

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24 thoughts on “Wednesday Miscellany and Another Year Older

  1. hope you had a lovely birthday!
    seeing shepherds pie on your monday menu reminded me of my grandma, every monday night was shepherds pie to use up the leftover roast lamb from the sunday roast, it’s one of favourite meals!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It sounds like you had a good time…and I LOVE some new jammies!

    I hope you will post what you find for “freezer surprise!”…LOVE this, and may have to start this one too!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like you enjoyed your day.
    I haven’t cooked Shepherd’s Pie for ages as my daughter doesn’t like it. It’s one of my son’s favourites though and he’s moving back home this week, so it will soon get cooked again :)

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