Grocery Budget and Groceries {9th January 2011}

I’m attempting to stick to a grocery budget of £230/$355 a month in 2011. 

In my weekly menu plan posts I often describe our meal plan as simple..and it usually is.  I don’t like to complicate things in the kitchen and only push the boat out with a new recipe once or twice a month.  I’ll let you in on a secret: I don’t like cooking.  The easier the meal, the happier I am and if I lived on my own, I’m sure I’d eat vegetable soup and seeded bread for dinner every night!

Last week my supermarket shop came to £46.99; this was reduced from £54.49 as I had a voucher for £7.50 off a £50 shop. This week I went to the same supermarket and spent £41.55.


  • Organic Eggs £1.82
  • Organic Carrots £1.08
  • Onion 10p
  • Organic Potato £1.75
  • Organic Apples £2.49
  • Cucumber £0.75
  • Organic Houmous £1.20
  • 12 Bread rolls £1.45
  • Croissants £1.00
  • Ciabatta £1.09
  • Muffins £0.74
  • Sunflower and Pumpkin Loaf £1.15
  • 1kg Organic Mince Beef £5.00
  • Sausage Plait £1.99
  • Ham £2.79
  • 8 Pints Organic Milk £3.00
  • 2 Tins Organic Soup £1.58
  • Organic Apricot Jam £1.59
  • Jamie Oliver Pasta Sauce x 2 £1.96
  • Organic Raspberry Yogurt £1.59
  • Organic Penne £0.75
  • 2 Pizza’s £2.50
  • 4 x Tomato Ketchup £2.68
  • Newspaper £1.50

Total spend £41.05


  • I bought more organic food than normal this week. 
  • I bought the paper as it contains a £10 [off a £50 shop] voucher valid until 16th Jan
  • Ketchup was on offer so I bought four
  • Vegetables next week will come mainly from our freezer
  • I may have to buy extra milk/fruit

I’ve received a couple of questions from blog readers on my grocery spending, so tomorrow I’ll show you how this grocery shop relates to next weeks menu plan. I hope that you find it helpful :)

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  1. Carol says

    I always spend less when I make a menu plan,I really need to do this more often :)

    I like the fact that you’re buying organic even though it is *usually* more expensive (not always), especially the eggs and meat as the welfare standards are higher. And obviously it is better for you.

  2. Maureen says

    Loads of Organics there so not a bad price. Looking forward to seeing it tied in with your menu plan.