Closing old credit cards

In my effort to totally simplify my finances, I’m trying to close an old credit card that I’ve not used for over 2 years and its a slow process. This is part of the email I’ve received from the company,

We’re sorry to hear you want to close your Egg Card. We’ve started the closure
process for you. We wanted to take the chance to remind you of some of the
benefits that attracted you to Egg Card in the first place. If you change your
mind about closing your account, let us know in the next couple of days: Why
it’s worth sticking around Great anniversary offer. Special deals with selected
online retailers. Internet shopping guarantee. Active fraud monitoring. 24 hour
online account management. 24 hour customer service line, just in case you need
us.It should take 17 working days to close your Egg Card
account but may take longer if you’ve used your account recently or you’ve got a
balance outstanding which needs to be repaid.We may be in touch in the next 14 days to discuss your request.

I’ve also received a letter this morning telling me to re instate the direct debit on this card. I cancelled it last week. I won’t be re instating it, but I will be asking them why it takes so long to close an inactive account and that there is no way the attractive offers on the card will persuade me to stay!
This is the same company that took the decision to withdraw credit cards from customers in February. I’m obviously not a risky customer!

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  1. Hey dude its great shopping with the credit cards. But very sorry that the old cards are been closed. This would be very sorroful for the people using credit cards regularly.

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